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We help determined applicants get admitted to top MBA programs (What we do?)

Blurb - Intro (Who we are?)
At SWC ...... encourages them that this is the value we're gonna add


School Strategy

Business schools vary by program length, geography, culture and specializations.


Choose business schools that best fit your profile and apply in the right sequence

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At Sam Weeks Consulting, we work with clients live over Zoom and Google Docs.

Together, we'll compile your experience into concise application essays.

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Mock Interviews

A strong MBA interview is about being so well prepared that you're actually looking forward to it!

We'll prepare by conducting four realistic mock interviews using actual questions from past MBA interviews.

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Scholarship Negotiations

Business school is expensive, but merit and need scholarships can ease the impact.


We'll position you in your MBA essays and interviews to maximize your chances of a scholarship. 

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"I only applied to HBS that’s a 100% success rate together! Massive thanks Sam, I couldn’t have done it without you."


Admitted to Harvard Business School, 2021

ADMIT: Harvard Business School


Background: Australia

GMAT: 690

Target industry: Big Tech

Sarah scored an adequate 690 in her GMAT but her talent for software engineering and determination to smash through glass ceilings more than compensated.

We rehearsed her narrative until she knew it inside out, earning her an admit to Harvard Business School.


Background: Lebanon

GMAT: 710

Target industry: Consulting

Karim had 6 years of work experience and dreamt of moving to a top-tier consultancy in London.

We tailored his application accordingly and he made a clean sweep, receiving admits from LBS, Cambridge and Oxford, eventually choosing LBS.




Background: USA

GMAT: 710

Target industry: Consulting

Audrey was targetting a mix of US and UK schools. She was admitted to both.

Audrey positioned herself as a team player, telling stories from her undergrad and work as a consultant 

It was hard work, but worth it when she received $90,000 of scholarship offers.


I penned my application to Oxford University's Saïd Business School in secret while working in investment banking.


Now I get my kicks from helping determined applicants to avoid my mistakes as a full-time MBA admissions consultant. Together we maximise your chances of being accepted into a life-changing MBA and EMBA program with a scholarship. 

Contact me to improve your MBA application
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J'ai secrètement postulé pour des écoles de commerce tout en travaillant dans une banque d'investissement pendant la journée. Le processus de candidature au MBA m'a transporté sur le même voyage émotionnel que vous vivez actuellement. C'est ainsi qu'est né Sam Weeks Consulting.


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