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Admit: Oxford Saïd

I touched base with Sam a few months before R1 deadlines. I had already scheduled free consultation calls with other admission consultants but never got the confidence to go full-throttle with my college applications. But the initial consultation call with Sam was a game-changer. He not only gave me confidence but also pushed me to challenge my own perspectives. That’s when I knew that Sam was the perfect mentor to partner with me on my upcoming MBA application journey.

From there on, Sam and I met regularly to iron out my application strategy. During our weekly sessions, he dug deep into my profile, asking me relevant questions and sometimes forcing me to introspect my life decisions. The process was so detailed and structured that it helped me discover myself as a person. The result was beautifully crafted essays that were true to me. Sam also polished my CV and prepared me for the nerve-wracking interviews. Over the course of 3 mock interviews, Sam shared detailed feedback and actionable tips to help me nail the interview process.

Sam’s flexible schedule meant that I could pace the application process according to my professional commitments. With his help, I landed an admit from Saïd Business School – my top choice.

With Sam, you’re not just working with a consultant, you’re working with a mentor and a friend. Can’t recommend him enough.

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